CV Hub

My tagline for my business venture is ‘Life can be deep but the true journey is ascending to the top’

My business aims to be run by students for students aged 16-25 to increase their employability, their self-confidence through training like CV writing workshops, mock interviews with top companies in the UK.

The rationale towards this idea is young people are not cared about or invested in, in the UK. I believe this is wrong and as people say ‘the young are the future’ so if you think by believing in young people is key to the growth of the economy and our development of a society, please donate what you can.

I am seeking ‘Marketing Representatives’ around the world aged 16-18 years old to publicise, share and promote this idea to the world.

I have conducted informal interviews with managers of 16 department stores and cafes in the UK today. These include John Lewis, House of Fraser, McDonalds, Sainsburys, Coffee Republic, Samsung, Sky and Apple.

The overall consensus from my industry research is that young people tend to lack the ability to properly fill in an application form to sell themselves to the company, as well as being able to speak in a proper, fluent, confident manner to clients or customers.

My starting point is, I need £200 to produce all branding materials to promote this to colleges, high schools in the East Midlands. If you can help me raise this in a week, I will start to plan my launch in London of CV Hub.

If you don’t already know, I am Bhavin Patel, an 18 year old A Level student, aspiring to be a success in business with previous public speaking experience, over 140 hours of voluntary work, and a very friendly guy really who wants to help young people in essence ‘get their foot in the door’ to our firms in the UK.

I very much appreciate all the support you are giving me! My nearest and dearest are set against trying to stop me pursuing this. But, at the end of the day, CV Hub is a great idea and young people deserve a voice in expressing the lack of interest by politicians in young people aged 16-25 years old.

Bhavin Patel

Founder, CV Hub


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