I arrived in Birmingham early (to my surprise) and took a short walk to the Aston University campus which is about 10 minute walk.

I met my best friend who showed me around the campus and at first glance, it was amazing, this modern architecture in juxtaposition to the old, traditional architecture of Birmingham’s city centre.

Aston is a great university for the course I hope to study, the talks I attended were very informative but it’s better receiving this information from someone who you have known for 12 years or so.

We then went to the Bullring, an a lot better shopping experience compared to that of Highcross Leicester, infamously known for the striking appearance of the Selfridges department store.

However, my favourite design of a store is that of Hollister California which is the same in the stores I have been to in Birmingham, London, Orlando, and Dubai.

For students hoping to study at Aston, BCU or UoB, it will take you weeks to visit every shop in the Bullring shopping centre if you have the time.

Here are a few snaps I took earlier using my iPhone 6 using ProCam 2.