The facts about Years and Years I wrote about in the previous post about New British Artists.

Years and Years are my pick for the artist to watch out for because they offer a unique tone to their music, intertwined into EDM (Electronic Dance Music) most evident in their upcoming single King, being released on 1 March 2015.

Their music is very emotive and focuses on control like a lyric in ‘King’ being ‘I caught you watching me under the light’. I am not the members of Years and Years but I think this song is about not caring about what others think about you, and to let go of this pressure and ‘to see how you have let me go’.

This is different to other music being released at the moment as much of what is popular in music is about sex, ‘twerking’, ‘going out’, and other areas that mainly show the typical stereotype of ‘student life’.

Obviously, we see as the rapid sexualisation of society, being an issue in today’s society. This is because the people that are most exposed to this are children which can perhaps corrupt their perception of processes like sex, having a relationship and what life is really life. Moreover, TV and the media has a key role in promoting this ‘sexualised image’ through programmes like Geordie Shore, Ex on the beach, Awkward, Two and a Half Men, Banana and Cucumber. All these programmes create uncertainty that can not be controlled over the behaviour that is exerted on their children.

Finally, Years and Years should be watched out for as they move away from this ‘sex mad music industry’ and move into what music was 10 or so years ago.

Thanks for reading!